Lynn M
Lynn M
Being from San Diego I already know I need to travel to Los Angeles in order to get a good doctor, dentist, or any other professional. Dr. Taymour is AWESOME - he is 100% worth the 100-mile drive. Dr. Taymour is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and professional. During my surgical consult, he thoroughly explained the procedure for my diagnosis, and he also provided probabilities which eliminated unnecessary concern. My laproscopic Gyn surgery was a bit tricky, but Dr. Taymour's expertise allowed him to navigate through the added surgical complexity without a problem. Not only did he perform the procedure flawlessly, he even went the extra mile to use 2 prior incision points from a previous scar. Dr. Taymour is also current on a variety of other gynecological treatments, including Biote HRT, as well as PEMF therapy. The office staff has been great as well, especially Cindy who was able to schedule my surgery in only 2 weeks after she had another cancellation. If I need to reschedule an appointment a couple days later, the staff is always very accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Taymour - he is an exceptional OB/GYN.
J Riv
J Riv
Dr. Taymour is brilliant at this specialty. I couldn't imagine trusting my care with anyone else.
Dina ElGhitany
Dina ElGhitany
Very informed physician that is current on newest details of his specialty. Excellent results.
I love Dr.Taymour. I love his staff too! Especially Cindy in the front office. They are so friendly, and they care about their patients. He is an amazing doctor, that I flew out from another state to have him handle my monthly pregnancy visits. He has also delivered all of my children. I have also driven from South Orange County all the way to Long Beach to have him deliver all of my children. I hope that he does not retire. I also hope that Cindy does not retire too!
Estelle Cervello
Estelle Cervello
I’m always so well treated by the front staff everyone here is resourceful and helpful and always assist me with any of my personal needs or concerns. Dr. Taymour is an amazing doctor that cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise. I would 100 percent recommend this place!
Rocio Hines
Rocio Hines
I am so lucky to have found Dr. Taymour. I’ve seen him for the surgical removal of cysts and endometriosis from my ovaries and surrounding structures 15+ years ago. I credit his work for the preservation of my fertility. I went on to have three healthy pregnancies. Dr. Taymour delivered my first daughter and it was by far my best experience with childbirth. Most recently, I returned to him when the pain of my endometriosis had become unmanageable. After inquiring if I was done with having children he recommended a total hysterectomy. I wouldn’t live the life I live today without the help of Dr. Taymour. He listens, he is not dismissive of your pain, and he knows exactly what you need. I would recommend him to anyone needing expert care.
Lori Avalos
Lori Avalos
Dr Taymour and his staff were very welcoming! He explained things so well and was very positive and spent a lot of time with me!
Eirene Cruz
Eirene Cruz
Staffs are very patient to give me instructions as I am having a hard time understanding English, and Dr. Taymour as well.

Sunmi W.

After my life long OB GYN retired, I bounced from doctor to doctor for several years trying to find someone who understood what I need at this stage in my life (menopause). About 3 years ago, I went into the ER for the most horrible pain, and ended up getting an emergency surgery for a partial hysterectomy due to a large mass that was tangled up with one of my ovaries. Since the surgery, I never really knew how to move forward with my women’s health issues because the various doctors I saw did not address my concerns about what do do with myself at this age, most were focused on family planning and delivering babies. After a long search, I came across Doctor Taymour, and he came through for me. What an excellent doctor. He is highly experienced, and confident, traits that are very comforting to me. He knew exactly the questions to ask, and what we needed to be concerned about and how to treat the issues. He has already addressed my menopause issues, and have corrected further issues that was not addressed in my previous emergency surgery. Doctor Taymour is also a very skilled surgeon. He performed laparoscopy on me to take care of an issue, and the recovery time was quick, with very minimal bruising or scarring. It was one of the easiest surgeries I had experienced. I’m so glad I found Doctor Taymour, I feel comfortable and good again about gynecological care. I am grateful to him, he has help to improve the quality of my life. Lastly, I have to mention his excellent staff. His office is very pleasant, never have to wait too long, and the staff is nice to interact with. They are very professional, efficient, and accurate. I am extremely appreciative of them for making things smooth and easy and pleasant for my visits. Thank you!

Jill C.

Dr. Taymour and his staff are amazing. Before any treatments or solutions are provided, Dr. Taymour spends a lot of time asking questions and getting to understand any health concerns. I found his level of attention to detail and individualized care to be better than any OBGYN I’ve seen before. I would highly recommend Dr. Taymour!

Elizabeth O.

Quick and easy experience. Doctor and nurses were friendly and comforting.

Kara D.

Dr. Taymour is great. Thorough and kind. Highly recommend.

Magda P.

Dr Taymour is very knowledgeable and works with the latest technology

Marisol G.

I was having GYN issues so I found Dr. Taymour by reviewing GYN providers in my area. As a health care professional, I wanted to seek an honest opinion and a viable treatment plan. I obtained an appointment the same week due to the gravity of my symptoms. Dr. Taymor evaluated me and determined the best plan of care. Due to the complexity of my issues surgery was performed. I was really anxious and scared, but Dr. Taymour reassured me along the way. I am now 3 weeks post-op and recovering without any issues. I can say as a nurse, Dr. Taymour is well versed in his area of expertise. I recommend this provider to other women who are having GYN issues. His office staff is excellent as well.

Joyce M.

Professional, extremely knowledgeable about BioTe BHRT, patient and informative, friendly, and has high standards of integrity. I am very happy!

Suzanne T.

I finally went and saw Dr. Taymour for the first time after not going to the OB for a few years. I had a bad experience with my old OB and my concerns were brushed off. Dr. Taymour performed an Ultrasound and was able to see what my previous OB dismissed. He performed an hysterectomy and bladder Lyft with no complications. Dr. Taymour and his office staff are always so helpful and answer all my questions even when I call. Very pleased with my decision for choosing Dr. Taymour.

Stacey S.

Dr. Taymour is the greatest doctor on the planet. He cares deeply … and is about patient health no financial gain. He reads everything …keeps up to date re best practices. My physician for 28 years. I trust him literally with my life.

Donna S.

Dr Taymour was as recommended by my gynecologist. It says something when another doctor in the same specialty recommends a colleague. Although I was apprehensive to have a new doctor do a delicate surgery; hysterectomy it proved to be the best decision. Dr Taymour was beyond excellent. The surgery went well. But the after care was like no other. I would call his office and his staff knew me and my case without hesitation and I was able to talk to the doctor every time within 5 minutes. Every question and concern was addressed quickly. If I had to come to the office I had an appointment next morning. His staff was the most efficient I have worked with. My disability paperwork and insurance paperwork was submitted same day. Dr Taymour and his staff are remarkable. I highly recommend him without hesitation.

M O.

Dr. Taymour was able to give me relief from the pain I was experiencing for many years. I am now pain free and my quality of life has improved tremendously. His staff is diligent in taking care of the necessary paperwork and Dr. Taymour is thorough in taking care of any concerns I have. I recommend him for any gynecological issues you may have.

Stacey S.

Dr. Taymour has been my doctor for 25 years. He is the greatest physician I have ever known. He cares about state if the art medicines and remedies.. he reads everything… kind and great human being. I am very blessed – he has kept me alive. I trust him with my life.

Barbara S.

I have been seeing Dr. Taymour for 25 years. He’s great.

Vera M.

Dr. Taymour was very considerate and professional. I was very happy with my first procedure.

Stacey S.

Dr. Taymour has been my treating physician for 26 years. Dr. Taymour reads everything….and actually cares what he prescribes. I feel 20 today…thanks to him. Dr. Taymour is clear and honest. I pray he NEVER retires…..much respect and admiration for this wonderful doctor.

Lori G.

My Visits with Dr Taymour and his Staff is always pleasant one. Everyone is always Friendly and Courteous

Jacqueline S.

My experience was great as usual. Thank you Dr Taymour

Caterina S.

Dr Taymour delivered my baby. He is very straightforward and gives you a great sense of guidance through out pregnancy and health issues in general. Would recommend to anyone!

Raven D.

I am truly amazed and happy at my out come! I went to see Dr. Taymour because I was having the most painful sex ever and it was getting worse and worse. Someone told me about Dr. Taymour and how he had helped so many people. I didn’t think anything could help at this point. I had already tried hormones and every lubricant out there to no avail. Sex is an important part of a marriage and I dreaded it! Then I met Dr. Taymour and “Mona Lisa”. He told me he would do what was needed so I could enjoy “making love” with my husband again. Dr. Taymour is amazing! I have been sharing with my friends about him and his “Mona Lisa” laser treatment. Not only has he helped my sex life, but I am sleeping better because I don’t get up during the night to use the restroom! Another thing that has changed, is that when I do go to the restroom my stream is back to normal. WOW, Am I ever happy! Dr. Taymour is amazing! He is knowledgeable, kind and has a great sense of humor…all things that make a great doctor. I will continue to sing him and his office staff high praises.

Miharu Y.

Pleasant professional atmosphere! Mona lisa procedure was nonevasive, easy and has made a huge difference in my life! Thank you Dr. Taymour!!!

Karen J.

I appreciate Dr. Taymour listening to me and, more importantly, believing me. I described the pain I was having. After he examined me, he had a strong idea of what the issue of the issue is and offered a possible solution. I’m relieved to find a doctor who patiently listens and offers options.


Dr taymour is awesome